2018 Super Bowl Patriots Vs. Eagles

The Patriots have been in a lot of Super Bowl. They won a lot in the Super Bowl and got the best wins in the Super Bowl. But one time Tom Brady, the quarter back, he got so angry to the other team that he deflated the ball, and he got a punishment. The New England Patriots team also got a 1 million dollar fine with it. Tom Brady’s punishment was to sit out in a 10 week game, so that mean he could not play in the games that there were.  If Tom Brady didn’t have done that to the Super  Bowl, they probably could have won that game, but they had to forfeit the game because of deflating the ball. In the 2017 super bowl, the patriots played again. It was Patriots Vs. Eagle. Unfortunately, the Patriots lost by the Eagles. The Patriots were doing so good until the second quarter, but then the Eagle caught up and won the Super Bowl and got the trophy.

That is what happened with the Patriots and the Eagles on the Super Bowl day. In my opinion I really wanted the Patriots to win, instead of the Eagle. I have always been a Patriot fan. Now the Patriots will be gone in the Super Bowl, and the Eagles will be playing for a while.

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