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About USLivetoday

Watching occasional evening news and reading about families facing skyrocketing healthcare costs, decided to put their IT education and self-acquired online knowledge to work to help people. We recognize that skyrocketing healthcare costs are effecting families’ financial survival and equally inadequate diet due to shortage of food supply and drugs abuse are alarming and tearing families apart. We decided to take on task to launch USLiveToday website with focus on health care news, diet, drugs abuse and other daily life’s critical issues. We will work hard and strive to bring the global community together to discuss various options via blogs to exchange ideas and choices, on line education and other daily needs of the families and people in general. We hope to reach out the global community where mankind is spending trillions of dollars on healthcare but only be able to cover fraction of the total world population of over seven billion and increasing. Our website will serve as a platform for people to come together and help improve lives of the people.