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Adaptable Skincare

Adaptable skincare is our term for products that you can blend to increase or decrease the levels of ingredients to suit you. That could be adding more vitamin C if you need brightening, increasing levels of actives in a mask or changing the carrier you blend in from water or oil to honey or yogurt. You can also adapt skincare to save time.


Adaptable treatments

    • Nuori’s two part Supreme Polishing Treatment smells of delicious fermented acerola cherry. On its own, the enzyme complex leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Add part two, the Powder Booster, to the level that’s right for you, and you have a personalised blend that adapts to the changing needs of your skin.
    • The whole reason for being with this range is to be blended and mixed. Genius! Have a spot? Grab the Pimple Concentrate. Sun-spots? grab the Hyper-pigmentation Concentrate – there is literally one for every skin occasion. The Discovery Kits are an easy way to try the brand. Adapt the Odacité Oleosomes Time-Release Delivery Crème with your ideal Serum Concentrate for sensitive, dull or pimple-prone skin.
    • Agent Nateur Vitamin C – Powdered Vitamin C is turning up in many a green beauty’s bathroom cabinet. The Agent Nateur Holi C Refining Face Vitamins are a great example of this new skin essential. Made to be mixed in with your moisturiser, SPF or serum, this is especially good for dealing with scarring, acne and rosacea.

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