ALFA 1 Stainless Steel Canteen

ALFA1 Military Stainless-Steel Canteen, Kidney Style is designed and manufactured to strict military specifications for multiple applications. Its strong enough for the armed forces, it’s definitely strong enough for travel, office, camping and other recreational and normal daily use. Our ALFA1 Canteen is compliant with USFDA, NSF and other applicable standards. ALFA1 Military Stainless Steel Canteen’s large electro polished area can also be used as a signaling device in lieu of mirror in the event that the user is lost during hiking and other recreational activities in the wilderness or mountainous areas. The mirror polished surface with special manufacturing electro-polish process can be used to reflect an optical beam of sunlight to rescue team and helicopters.  The Canteen is very strong and durable and is also the best canteen out in the market. But don’t take my word for it, try it and comment about how you like the canteen.   They are also looking for wholesale and distributor for canteens please do contact them for more information. I have also received their new Canteen leather pouch and it fits perfectly into the canteen, and it is perfect because it shows the American Flag and the Red, White, Blue colors.




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