Baseball Final Los Angeles Dogers Vs. Houston Astros

The Dogers were really excited and same with the Astros, The Dogers thought they could have won that world series, and same with the Astros. The Dogers are from Los Angeles, California. The Astros were from Houston, Texas. The first game that they played was really good for the Dogers, but the Astros lost by a lot of points. The next day they played the Astros came back and won that whole second game. It was phenomenal in the last quarter what the Astros did. They had a great inning in the 3rd & 4th quarter and the Dogers tried to catch up, but it did not happen. There were four games that they had to play.

The four games that they played was the best in the whole world sereis of MBL. They were the best in the whole MBL. The last game they played was terrifying for the Dogers. You Know Why? Because the Dogers had lost from the Astros. I really thought that the Dogers would have won, because the Dogers have been practicing a lot and could have won. The last game and it was 4th quarter, the Astros got the last inning and won the whole entire thing, and toke the trophy home to Houston, Texas. The Dogers captain was really disappointed because of they have lost the game.


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