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Bridal ibrow Make-up

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding day, but few people consider what that ‘beautiful’ look is. For some who might be planning on having very cultural wedding their ‘beautiful’ will consist of heavy eyes with red and gold shadows and heavy lashes. And for some this is perfectly normal, accepted and even expected.

As already stated, unless your bride has cultural expectations for their make-up they may not have a clue. But the key to Bridal make-up is looking like a ‘natural’ beauty, enhanced but not changed. So working with what your bride naturally has and going with only very natural and muted colours to make the look as glamorous or mute as you want.

On fleek. That’s all there is to be said. There are o two ways about eyebrows. The only natural thing that needs to be done with eyebrows is the size and maybe the shape. Otherwise keep them fleeky. Brows frame the face. Even if everything else falls apart – which it won’t- at least the brows will look beautiful which will still give your client’s face the general appearance of being well put on.
The eyes:

For a wedding you want to keep your client’s eyes, simple but dramatic. Simple in the sense that there isn’t too much colour, dramatic in the sense that they stand out. Since the entire look should be kept neutral , the eyes should be the centre of the attention. The eyes should have either no eyeshadow or natural matt brown eye shadow that really only serves to define your eyes.

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