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Having Wrinkling eyes are good or not

Health & Beauty

Having wrinkling eyes are good or not

Put down that concealer: Science has given us a new reason to appreciate fine lines and wrinkles. According to a small new study from Western University in Ontario, crinkling around the eyes makes smiles and frowns appear more sincere. The characteristic may even help us better connect with each other emotionally, researchers say.

The new study, published in the journal Emotion, focuses on the Duchenne marker—a characteristic caused by a specific facial muscle, which “raises the cheeks, narrows the eyes, and causes wrinkling around the corners of the eyes,” the authors wrote in their paper. The Duchenne marker is often a part of certain emotional expressions—most notably smiling, but also expressions of pain and sadness, as well.

Now, experts say it exists for good reason. Researchers recruited 28 study participants and showed them photos of digitally manipulated facial expressions, some with the Duchenne effect and some without. They found that people consistently ranked “Duchenne smiles” and “Duchenne sad expressions”.


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